Getting to Know SADIRAN

The association of exporters of industrial, mining and engineering services, in Iran, finds the need for the existence of an export brokerage institution, such as South Korea’s “KOTRA Inc.” and Japan’s “JETRO Inc.” for the purpose of market knowledge, marketing and maintenance marketing, in order to be able to take the initial steps in facilitating the export of goods produced by Iranian producers in target markets, in particular the high quality products of small and medium size businesses. Thus this association has deemed it necessary for the initial agreements to be reached with the related government authorities prior to establishment of the said export brokerage company. Following two years of constant negotiations and follow ups, this association is the first private institution in Iran to be able to sign and enter into contracts with the Export Development Organization (preventing the export of low quality goods, unfair price competition, overseeing exhibition and fair affairs, market assessments, performance of competitors, etc.), the deputies of Industry and Mine in the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (assessment of target markets and production of new goods suitable for the target markets, information and informatics collaboration, in addition to other matters required for sustainable export). In addition, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Zarif, in a letter addressed to the head of Iranian Chamber, has declared the firm and definite support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the formation of SADIRAN (Export Brokerage Institution). Following the signing of the said agreements and contracts, this association formed SADIRAN Inc., in the spring of 2019, with the founding board members below.

Considering prior experiences of the founders of this company, it was decided that 57% of this company be divided among 25 of the founders so that through a sense of empathy and affiliation, any possible separations would be prevented. These 25 real and legal persons, completely private, are from various provinces in Iran, the details of which have been brought in the founders’ segment. The remainder of the shares of this company shall be distributed among other companies and individuals, up to a maximum of one percent each, through public notifications, and per request of the applicant.

SADIRAN Inc. has set out presence in Iraqi market as its first goal. In case of success in achieving this goal, it shall expand the domain of its activity and operations, first to other countries in the region, and then across the globe. For this purpose, the initial steps toward establishment of Export Management Brokerage Office in Baghdad and Kirkuk are well underway. It is worth noting that the company capital is the sum of 100 billion IRR, of which 35% has been allocated to the start- up of the experimental phase in Iraq, where, after six months, in case of successful progress, the remaining 65% shall be collected from the shareholders, in two stages. The source of income for the company, for sale of various types of services to the parties to the contract, shall be 1 to 3 percent of the amount of any contract which is supported by the company, and is based on the services provided by the company. The founders of SADIRAN have provided 35% of the initial capital of the company by the middle of summer and, in October 2019, a general assembly session was held and the following members were elected as the members of the board of directors of SADIRAN:

  • Mohsen Hajibaba, from Tehran (chairman of the board of directors)
  • Rahman Soleymani, from Ahwaz (vice-chairman of the board of directors)
  • Diaco Afkham, from Mahabad
  • Mohammad Mahdi Aflatoonian, from Yazd
  • Sadina Abayi, from Tehran
  • Mohammadreza Malekian, Mazandaran (managing director)