Our Services

SADIRAN’s Services at the Headquarter (Iran):

  • Creating a structure based on web for collection of data and information on production units in Iran
  • Studying, analyzing and providing report on the target market for the purpose of planning for production and export
  • Performing supervision duties in target markets in order to prevent export of low quality and substandard goods, and unfair competition
  • Creation and excellence of common export brand for export of production units’ goods
  • On-going and incessant study and monitoring of new export opportunities in the region
  • Performing sustainable and effective tasks in the areas of transportation, standards, inspection, etc.

Services Provided by SADIRAN Offices in the Target Market:

  • Collecting necessary information from the target market (requirements, needs, new opportunities, etc.)
  • Supervision of the quality of goods exported from Iran, in addition to monitoring the market for the purpose of discovering any possible unfair competition, price-cutting, sale of low quality and substandard goods, etc.
  • Guaranteeing continued and sustained quality of exported goods
  • Identifying and recognizing job opportunities for Iranians in various fields of services, construction, agriculture, etc.
  • Facilitating the process of obtaining permits for import and export for Iranian producers
  • Identifying and encouraging foreign investors for partnership with Iranian production units
  • Etc.