Visions and Missions

SADIRAN has an operation similar to that of Japan’s JETRO and South Korea’s KETRA; it is, in fact, a private export broker. The objective of SADIRAN is reduction in costs related to market knowledge, marketing, maintenance marketing, and overall, management of the market for the products of production units, in particular the small and medium size companies (SME), within the export target markets, and supervision of the quality of these goods. We, at SADIRAN, in order to ensure the sustained quality of exported goods, have developed special supervision processes, and based on receipt of non-compliance reports, qualitative or quantitative, shall take necessary measures through the related authorities in order to take necessary corrective measures for correction of quality defects and preventing the image of the said company’ brand from being tarnished. Another aim of SADIRAN is research in the target market, and identifying reputable merchants and business people in order to grant agency for production of production units in Iran. For this purpose, precise legal procedures have been devised and implemented for the purpose of ensuring proper performance by agent and guaranteeing return of capital to the producer. SADIRAN shall establish the first Iranian export brokerage in Iraq and, in time, shall emerge in other countries as well. SADIRAN’s start is a huge and smart step in the path of growth and excellence in sustainable export, improvement of production growth, employment and facilitation of business matters on a national level. We believe, in order to open the gates to international trade, benefiting from advanced and modern science and technology in the field of communications is an absolute necessity. Thus, SADIRAN, through employment of experts, has established its specialized business information center in order to study and examine the activities of competitors, active and potential production capacities in Iran, capacities and requirements for target markets, and other factors involved in the success of a successful export business, and through constant analysis of the data, take steps toward planning for having a bold presence and maintaining the status of Iranian products in international markets.